Glock Grip Reduction
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Lew Gosnell
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Services Provided:
I provide the following modifications to the Glock grip frame to most nearly match
the classic 1911.

- Grip Reduction: Reduce the back strap with the clients choice to include or remove the
checkering or finger grooves  
Beavertail:  To prevent slide bite - provides seamless extension

- Signature Grip Anchor: For enhanced recoil control and shot to shot recovery

- Trigger Guard: Reshaping and thinning of trigger guard for a higher grip providing
greater recoil control.

Standard Grip Reduction: Back strap reduced and retexture*                                      

Complete Grip Reduction: Reduce back strap and remove all checkering
and finger grooves  


Finger Groove Removal                                                                 

Trigger Guard Rounding                                                    

Trigger Guard High Cut & Re Contour                          

Grip Anchor                                                                           

Full Package:
Includes beavertail, finger groove removal, trigger guard rounding,
trigger guard high cut & re-contour options DOES NOT INCLUDES GRIP ANCHOR

Trigger Work: I use the Rocket connector, installed and fitted for a consistent
trigger pull and positive reset

Duty Trigger: Using the Rocket connector plus NY spring for extra positive
reset and heavier trigger pull

Sight Installation: Installation of customer provided sight and zeroed

Generation 4: The new frames prohibits back strap reduction however
the addition  of the seamless beavertail greatly enhances handling and
eliminates slide bite

Work is performed by a peace officer, range master, and
competitive shooter (Winner of SOF & Steel Challenge Shotgun
Champion) who carries a Glock on the job and for competition.  


Must be paid by check or USPS money order.  Work will be completed in 1 to 2 weeks
from date that check clears.  One man shop.  You will be notified by e-mail upon receipt of
your order if there is a further backlog

All prices are subject to change without notice

$  80

$  55

$  55

$  30

$  75




$  50